1835 Jacquard Coverlet – What’s It Worth??

I’ve been in the vintage/antiques business for a few years and have learned so much about so many old things.  Still, I come across things on a regular basis that I have absolutely no clue regarding history or true value.  I’m pretty good at recognizing quality, so I often throw a few dollars at items I really don’t know much about but have a hunch are valuable.  

A few weeks ago I found this jacquard coverlet dated July 1835.  I did a bit of internet research and discovered that these were quite common in the 19th century.  Many towns had a weaver just like they would have a blacksmith or a tavern.   You could take your wool and cotton to the weaver and they would transform your raw materials with natural indigo dies on their loom into these beautifully designed blankets.  Personally, I prefer a trip to Kohl’s, but I seriously doubt that the blankets I buy today will last 175 years!! 

This one is gorgeous and has definitely stood the test of time.  Still, I really have no idea of its true worth.  On eBay, similar items sell from $100 – $1000!   So I started this auction at $49.99 and we’ll let the bidders decide! Here’s the link to the listing with more pictures: 


Fans of BuenaVintage, I’d love to have your input!  Give me your best guess at the final eBay value of this coverlet via comment on my blog or Facebook.   The winner will receive internet noteriety and a fabulous vintage cookbook from me!  The book you will receive for guessing closest to the final amount will be The Art of Fine Baking, by Paula Peck.  It’s a 1960s classic in mint condition.  So post your thoughts!  This is just a fun little game, so one entry per person, please.

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